BLM Sees Black Man Lynched by Police, Hours Later the Real Truth Comes Out


A Black Lives Matter group in Minneapolis that claimed a black man was “lynched,” but hours later the truth came out, and it did nothing but embarrass the social justice group.

Pictures of the alleged “lynching” that occurred in Indian Mounds Park in St. Paul on Tuesday were posted to Facebook morning by a user identified as Davion Gatlin, who apparently could not wait to spread false news.

“We ride pass the park around 6 a.m. and witness a brother hanging dead from a tree! “They still killing us and we still killing each other! #MakeGoViral,” Davion Gatlin wrote, according to the Washington Times. The post was shared more than 11,000 times during 13 hours, according to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press.

The image of the “lynching” was then picked up and shared by different Black Lives Matter groups in Minneapolis and St. Paul, which claimed the black man’s hands were tied behind his back, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported.

The Black Lives Matter activists chose to see what they wanted to see: A black man who’d been apparently lynched by police officers.

The truth, however, is a different story.

Turns out the “lynching” was a suicide, and the “brother” was a white man by the name of Micheal Robert Bringle, the Pioneer Press reported. Furthermore, the Pioneer Press reported that Bringle’s hand were not bound.

The St. Paul Police Department responded to the news of the “lynching” on a Facebook post, and said it brought unnecessary hardship to Bringle’s family. They added that the family’s pain had been “compounded by the inconsiderate and downright disgusting act” of posting and sharing the picture.

Gatlin’s original post has been remove from Facebook, but he responded to the controversy by saying that he posted the pictures to “expose the truth on these officers and what they do us.”

Not exactly. The only truth he exposed was how idiotic he can be.


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