BREAKING: Terrifying Antifa Warning Issued


Antifa protesters are not stopping with their violence.

The group injured people and damaged a lot of property.

However, they probably won’t stop until they silence the people who have different opinions from them.

There is even a timeline that shows all the attacks that Antifa has done. It was published by The Daily Wire. Evidently, the timeline shows that from the start until now, the attacks are getting worse and more violent. One of their larger movement happened on January 20th, Inauguration Day, in order to show Donald Trump he is not welcomed as a President.

According to Christian News Alert, the Antifa members were wearing black clothing and they were trying to make a weapon out of anything. Six police officers were injured while trying to stop them. Somehow the Police Department managed to arrest 217 members.

Once, they attacked a rally that happened at the University of California at Berkeley. All in all, they damaged $100,000 worth property and the speech that was planned to be held by Milo Yiannopoulos was canceled. Their weapon equipment consisted Molotov cocktails which they used to burn buildings and grade fireworks which they used it at the police officers.

Next assault happened on March 4th. They used bricks and baseball bats as weapons to interrupt a peaceful march for President Trump. In this event, 10 people got arrested for assault.

Furthermore, on April 15th and May 1st, 38 Antifa members were arrested. On peaceful rallies, they showed up with weapons and inflicted violence. They were destroying property and were lighting, road flares to burn buildings. In order to fix the damage inflicted the city had to invest a lot of money.

One of their last attacks happened at Charlottesville, Virginia. The protesters had shields and weapons with them and they charged at Trump supporters who had a peaceful rally. Including police officers, six people were injured. Not that it helps, but 13 members were arrested for assault.

Given the facts that Antifa is a powerful, violent organization that shows increased violence, serious measures must be taken. Who knows how much damage they will inflict by the end of this year.

Scroll down and tell us what you think about these drastic actions from Antifa protesters.


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