Chicago Politician Blames Trump, Charlottesville Protests For Vandalism Of Lincoln Bust


Isn’t your TV working?

No, but you can simply blame President Donald Trump for that.

These kinds of excuses are being made up around the country and it’s getting pretty pathetic.

One Chicago official is putting the blame on President Donald Trump for the vandalization of a sculpture of Abraham Lincoln in the West Englewood area of the city. The name of the official is Alderman Raymond Lopez and he represents Chicago’s 15th department. Lopez wrote about the damage done to the sculpture on his Facebook profile this past Wednesday.

“What an absolute disgraceful act of vandalism,” Chicago’s 15th department official wrote.

“This bust of Abraham Lincoln, erected by Phil Bloomquist on August 31, 1926, was damaged & burned. Near 69th & Wolcott, if anyone has any information regarding this act, please contact the police or my office immediately.”

Alderman Raymond Lopez said President Trump fell short to denounce white supremacists and others racist driven groups who rallied on Saturday in Charlottesville to protest the destroying of a Confederate statue “emboldened haters,” the Chicago Sun-Times reports

“When you have a president who, from his point of moral authority as leader of the free world, condones the actions of white supremacists, neo-Nazis … when he refuses to refute what their actions are — you embolden people to continue,” Lopez continued in his rant.

He wasn’t finished:

“I believe that what happened to (the Lincoln monument) wasn’t just a random act of violence,” Lopez said. “This was an intentional act to try to destroy this statue.”

Lopez has reached out to Mark Kelly, the city’s special events commissioner, in an attempt to decide if other pieces of public architecture in the city area could subject to vandalism or removal with an agreement with Confederate personalities.

Only one citizen in the area where the memorial figure remains thought that the destruction had nothing connected with white supremacy. Cristopher Jackson who is 22 years of age said the following:

“People were out partying on the 4th of July and lighting fireworks off of it,”

On the other hand, WGN 9 declared the sculpture of Lincoln’s head was shattered long ago.

“A photo of a vandalized replica of President Abraham Lincoln is gaining traction online, but it turns out it was destroyed years ago,” the local news station WGN wrote in their story.

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