DAILY NEWS Which Is A Mental Illness, Conservative Christianity or Far Left Ideology?


Before we can even start to answer that question we need to understand what Liberalism is. We also need to understand that there is something called “Classic” Liberalism and “Modern” or “Progressive” Liberalism.

Liberalism as a Political Movement has existed for the past four centuries. Starting with the Renaissance, defining itself with the French Revolution and culminating in the formation of the United States of America. A common thread throughout the last three centuries preceding our own have been that common people were tired with being oppressed and with that in mind they freed themselves either through mediation, emigration and sometimes bloody revolution as was the case with the French Revolution.

Since the USA was formed by the founding fathers to relieve themselves from the oppressing yoke of subjugation to the British Empire it stands to reason that the early arrivals of Dutch and German Protestants and French Huguenots in the Cape of Good Hope were also acts of liberalism in that they emigrated to escape religious, cultural and political persecution by not only the Roman Catholic Church but also repressive governments and monarchies. It then logically follows that the Boers left the British colony of the Cape in the same liberal defiance to British subjugation in 1838 for the Great Trek – and subsequent founding of the Boer Republics – only to be once more to be the victim of the British Colonial Empire 60 years later. A victim also of policies that had at its heart social engineering by means of racialist discrimination through law that was not present during the existence of the Boer Republics. (I use the word racialist as the word racist was only coined in 1918 and first appeared in print in 1930)

Doctor Adam Savage, a well-known radio commentator syndicated to 350 radio stations in the USA, actually wrote a book in 2005 called “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”. He is also the author of numerous other titles dealing with psychological disorders. He identified certain instances that support his prognosis and which have in the interim been proven correct by the Occupy movement and the hysterics of the Democrats during last year’s Presidential election in the USA not to mention the antics of Femen and perpetually stupid groupings such as Pussy Riot (I wonder if they really had to debase themselves to get their message across)

• Expecting constant praise and admiration

• Being overly jealous of others’ achievements

• Expecting (no demanding) that others follow ideological plans

• Setting unrealistic goals

• A sense of entitlement

• Trouble maintaining healthy relationships

All of these symptoms seem to define an individual who is unable to express their frustration in a rational manner – like liberals do. The Mayo Clinic stated it best: “In order to make yourself feel better, you may react with rage or contempt and efforts to belittle the other person to make yourself appear better.”

What is your opinion?

Liberalism: True Political Ideology or Mental Disorder?


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