Donald Releases Strict Immigration Rule, Barack’s Illegals Are Leaving In Droves


When Barack Obama was in office, chaos ruled for eight solid years. The progressive administration was very focused on spending taxpayers’ money like it was their own.

They were also focused on adding more laws, rules, and regulations on the American people that stilted the economy and limited job growth.

On top of it all, they were laser-focused on ignoring federal laws that would have enforced proper legal and illegal immigration rules. So the Border Patrol under the Obama administration had a very difficult job to undertake.

Knowing that their president wanted illegals to cross the border easily and quickly, Border Patrol agents had their hands tied.

But that is all in the past. With a new, fresh administration that is focused on obeying all immigration laws and representing our U.S. Constitution well, agents now have the power to do what they had signed up for: search, detain, and deport those who break immigration laws.

So although liberals are freaking out over a viral video that shows Border Patrol agents asking passengers for documentation of their proof of citizenship, rest assured that this is well within the confines of federal law. It’s just that Obama ignored the law, while Trump is enforcing it.

From Fox News:

A viral video that shows U.S. Border Patrol agents boarding a Greyhound bus in Florida and running an immigration check has sparked outrage across the internet this week, with many asking whether the agents had a legal right to do so.

It turns out they did.

Many on the bus — and across the internet — were outraged over the seemingly new protocol by the Border Patrol agents, but in reality, it’s a practice that has been employed by the Border Patrol for decades.

While the Fourth Amendment may prohibit unreasonable search and seizure, the Border Patrol has extraconstitutional powers that allow agents to operate immigration checkpoints and conduct spot checks with probable cause within a 100-mile zone that runs along the border of the contiguous United States.

Obama and his Democrats will do just about anything to bring these illegals into the country. They know that America is truly a conservative nation, but they are so desperate for votes and power, they will seek new voters by means of illegals. Sickening.

Thankfully, with a constitutionally-based administration, Border Patrol agents will have a much easier time of doing their job, and doing their job well. Keep up the good work



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