HELL YEAH: After Obama Made Millions Off Tax Payers, Congress Just Hit Him Right Where It Hurts


When former president Barack Obama had  the chance to try and fix the government by cutting down on spending and do his part in seizing the corruption, he failed to do anything.

Recently, a new bipartisan Bill occurred that would reduce the presidential pension for $1 off for every dollar earned over $400,000.

This bull was unanimously passed in both the Congress and the Senate, before it got to the hands of the former president. But  he decided to veto it.

Barack Obama has been earning enormous sums of money for his speeches from his Wall Street backers, and from book deals, and he still won’t back down from a single dollar of his presidential pension.

Jason Chaffetz, and Congresswoman Joni Ernst, both made another attempt to push this Bill. President Donald Trump has a bit more respect for the American taxpayer than Obama to act as he did in light of this resolution.

It was foolish to think that Obama would have done anything to “drain the swamp” since he was most likely the one benefiting from it. Many people believe that Barack is one of the biggest thieves in the history of the U.S. During his time in office he openly stole from the US Government to pay off his friends and he is still collecting from then,  now that he is retired.

But Ernst and Chaffetz had enough of this, when they announced the new plan that terrified Obama.

The bill that they were trying to pass would take away a $1 for every $1 earned over $400,000 by a former presidents of the country. Otherwise, U.S ex-presidents received a life-long pension of $207,800 for a year.

And according to this, since Obama received $400,000 for a speech by Wallstreet and $65 million for his book, his pension would directly fall into this category.

Back in  2016, he had the chance to sign this bill but he decided not to because of his greediness and selfishness.

Reportedly the Republican from Utah, Rep. Jason Chaffetz said for USA Today: “THE OBAMA HYPOCRISY ON THIS ISSUE IS REVEALING. HIS VETO WAS VERY SELF-SERVING.”

He is right, this was just a proof that Obama is not the man, the mainstream media are trying to portray.


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