HE’S FINISHED: What The Senate Just Found Out About Eric Holder Will Make Democrats Furious


Well, guess who’s skeletons are finally out of the closet?

Former U.S. President Barrack Obama is back under the radar.

So much for his scandal-free presidency, huh?

According to our source Liberty Writers, Barrack Obama and Eric Holder, his attorney general, were both put on blast during Wednesday public hearing. That’s right. The House Oversight Committee exposed the former U.S. president and his attorney general for smearing an investigation into the murder of an U.S. Border Patrol agent.

Brian Terry was killed as an result of Barrack Obama’s failed gun-running program known under the name Operation Fast and Furious. “[Terry’s death] happened on Dec. 14, 2010, and we still don’t have all the answers,” stated Representative Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the committee.

Today, the House Oversight Committee released a report of almost 300 pages which reveals how Eric Holder’s Justice Department attempted to conceal the facts of Brian Terry’s death from his family and loved ones. Their report also exposed Obama for abusing his power to stop the Congress from accessing records which belonged to the operation Fast and Furious.

“More than five years after Brian’s murder, the Terry family still wonders about key details of Operation Fast and Furious,” says the report. “The Justice Department’s obstruction of Congress’s investigation contributed to the Terry family’s inability to find answers.”

The death of Terry Brian really opened the eyes of the American people and exposed the federal government for allowing criminals access to guns from American firearms shops. The strategy here, was to track every single gun sold as it was being smuggled into Mexico. However, the government failed to track more than 1400 guns out of the 2000 they managed to sold.

At the scene, where Terry was killed during a gunfight with a criminal group, two guns were found which belonged to those 1400 lost weapons. As LW further informs us, a suspect for Terry’s murder was brought into custody last month, which can result in bringing a step closer to solving the case. Watch the video below.

For more than five years, Barrack Obama and his attorney general have tried to keep this a secret. No more! Brian Terry’s family deserve to know, who is responsible for his heroic death. May he rest in peace.

What do you patriots think? Should Barrack Obama and Holder be prosecuted for their actions?

Scroll down, share all of your opinions and leave a prayer for our patriot, Brian Terry, in the comment section below!



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