Just In : President Trump Makes Major White House Change That Has Even Libs Speechless


President Trump promised fiscal responsibility within government, using tax-payer monies wisely.

And he is delivering on that promise.

On Sunday, it was announced that the Trump administration is cutting it’s own budget by $22 million — in effect, Trump is leading the way by cutting funds to the White House, his current residence.

The Democrat party and the mainstream media have been oddly quiet about this big change…

Breitbart reports:

The savings come from a cut in the amount spent on Michelle Obama’s budget as First Lady, an end to the large number of “czars” and so-called “fellowships” that Obama employed, and a smaller White House workforce, Forbes magazine reported.

After the White House released its annual budget report last week, Adam Andrzejewski, president of government watchdog group OpenTheBooks.com, compared the newly reported budget to the last two years of the Obama administration.

Andrzejewski (pronounced And-gee-eff-ski) noted that there are now 110 fewer White House employees since Obama left office, saving nearly $5 million alone. Also, the First Lady’s staff has been cut from 24 staffers to only five. Michelle Obama entered the White House with a staff of 22 costing nearly $2 million annually, up from the $1.4 million spent during the George W. Bush era.

Another area of savings was the elimination of the so-called policy “czars” with which Obama stocked the White House staff. The Trump budget shows not a single “czar” employed for 2017.

Trump also seems to have ended Obama’s shady “fellowship” positions, people responsible for such special programs as Michelle Obama’s “Let Girls Learn” initiative and others. Some of these “fellowship” candidates in Obama’s administration made up to $158,000 annually.


  1. Trump is trying to cut costs where he can! It was total BS on what the Obama’s spent on their White House Staff and their overall Staff in general! They just ripped off the country for 8 Long Years it was totally unbelieveable! They totally Fucked over the voters year after year on the money they spent on their lavis vacations truly a bunch of low life bottom dweller scumbags with absolutely no class in any way shape or form!

  2. I am proud of my president . He not only refuses his pay and or donates it to the veterans or to victims of natural disasters, but he is willing to cut the comforts of life in the White House. He did not have to do that. Obama inflated his staff and then some. I do not understand the people who say the most God awful things about him. They have no grounds for the hatred they display nor any truth in the shameful statements they make to discredit and ridicule him. Obama never did anything like that. He just ran our faces into debt while he made sure he lived like a king. The only legacy he left us was the wool he pulled over our eyes and still is ..

  3. Think God for sending trump . The men and I have talked we elect a candidate to help us they would hire aids then the aid hires more aids the one we voted for was hardly ever there

    • Donald Trump is the best thing America could ever ask for! A man of honor, dignity and bravery!! He is a Godsend to all! He will take care of Americans…not cater to the riff raff that Obama did!! God bless you, Mr. Trump! A Hero, indeed! We applaud you, Sir!!

  4. The Obama White House was nothing but a crime spree. Now Trump is trying to clean it up. Obama wasted so much money he thought he was entitled to. Then had the nerve to rob Social Security and Medicare to pay for his outrageous Healthcare plan

  5. Trump has been a gem thru all this strife, he continued working for “we the people” and not for fat cats and leaches like Ovomit! Amen


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