Larry the Cable Guy Just Destroyed Every Trump-Hating Liberal in America


President Trump has made some amazing accomplishments in the short time that he’s been in office, and while many of us have noticed, the Left has made the conscious choice to continue to bash him. Critics have been finding any reason to tear him completely apart, from blaming White Supremacist groups’ actions on him to criticizing his actions against allowing transgenders in our military. While, Trump supporters have been doing everything they can to show their support and gratitude for our extremely capable leader, a select few celebrities have been standing up for him. This article is about one of those diehard American celebrities that are so rare.

Daniel Lawrence Whitney (aka: Larry the Cable Guy) was asked how he feels about our current president, and he answered as honestly as he possibly could. He didn’t just give an opinion in support of President Trump, he gave reasons as to why he truly believes 100% that President Trump is going to succeed with flying colors as President of the United States. Watch the video below!

Whitney explained that President Trump has put aside his own ego to get the job done to the best of his ability, sometimes appointing people he doesn’t agree with to positions because they’re the best for the job. He also pointed out right from the beginning of his answer that President Trump is one of few people in politics who hasn’t bought his way to the top. Anyone who knows about President Trump also knows that he decided to waive his salary as president, simply doing it because he knew it was what was right.

Although we are all aware that President Trump is a man who loves to be named the winner of whatever he does, he gets there fairly. He earned the support of all of his followers, he didn’t buy it. Whitney went on to explain that President Trump has such a large ego that he will not leave his presidency without being the best president that he possibly could be. He went on to say that Trump had everything to lose, but he decided to run for president anyway, because he felt he had something to give back to the country that provided him with so much. This is truly a beautiful thing, and we should be proud of our POTUS.

Whitney finished up by posing his own question. He questioned why someone would give up playing golf whenever they wanted to and spending time with their beloved family along with being liked by all just to get death threats in return. This proves that President Trump truly does care about America. He wouldn’t have worked so hard to become president if he didn’t.

It’s great to see someone in the limelight standing up for the man who is standing up for us. Thank you, Larry the Cable Guy, for doing what most television stars wouldn’t. We are truly grateful to have Trump, and I couldn’t have spoken truer words than Whitney did.


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