WATCH: What Happened To Bill Maher After His DISGUSTING Attack On Ivanka


Almost everything that comes out of Bill Maher’s foul mouth is a sick joke, but this time he targeted Ivanka Trump. Maher is getting nailed for an incest joke he made about President Donald Trump and  Ivanka Trump during  an interview with New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman.

“What do you make of Ivanka and her efforts to sort of humanize her father? We see all this misogyny at Fox News, we see it in Donald Trump himself.  A lot of us thought, Ivanka is gonna be our saving grace,”  said Maher to Sherman on Friday’s episode of his HBO show “Real Time.” . “When he’s about to nuke Finland or something, she’s gonna walk into the bedroom and — ‘Daddy, Daddy. Don’t do it, Daddy,’” making a disgusting, crude gesture with his hand.

After some laughter from Sherman, Maher asked,“Is that how you see Ivanka?”  Sherman replied with a “no.”  Maher went on, ‘What do you make of Ivanka and her efforts to sort of humanize her father?

And after his crude hand gesture, he also said, “Be nice to Ivanka, she’s our only hope—because she seems like she actually knows rationality, but she’s [Trump’s] kid, and she’s the only one who can get to him, and you know he loves her.”

‘If he’s going to do something nutty, we’re going to depend on Ivanka going into that bedroom. “ Daddy, Daddy! You have to apologize for that tweet where you called Angela Merkel a ‘c***.’ You have to apologize, Daddy !”‘

This is not the first time a talk show host has been criticized for comments on the president and the first daughter. There have been instances when hosts have targeted the president and his daughter, separately and together, with remarks seen as inappropriate by all.




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