URGENT POLL: Should Congress Repeal Obamacare BEFORE They Go On Vacation?


We’ve been stuck with Obamacare since it was forced down our throats, causing massive damage to business, households, and the healthcare field. Companies have had to lay off thousands of employees in order to avoid the penalties for not covering things like abortion or transgender surgeries.

Enough is enough, however. Trump just LAID INTO Congress, and told them it’s time to repeal this national disaster NOW.

Obamacare is one of the worst pieces of legislation EVER passed into law, and we need to save the American economy by ending it immediately.

Congress has been dragging their feet on dealing with this, and they say they’re not sure they can find a compromise that helps the American People.

Now Congress wants to go home? This is unacceptable. Millions have to come home to this horrid healthcare system that Congress let Obama screw up, so why should Congress get to on vacation? How about they just do their JOB?

Do you agree with Trump? Should Congress repeal Obamacare BEFORE they go on vacation? Let us know by voting below, and then share this with everyone you know on Facebook! Let’s make this go “SUPER VIRAL”!!



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